Betfair Trading Like a Pro

For those who haven’t read my previous post ‘Winning Horse Racing Laying Tips’, I suggest you to read that as well as this post as it will help you to understand what the purpose of this post is.

If you are reading this post is because you want to know how trade on betfair. Okay, Great. But where should you start?

There are almost countless services online that promise you the world and deliver nothing and almost every single one of them are here to make a quick dush out of you and disappear. In other words, they are not offering anything long term and there is no study behind what they do.

In other hand, I have devised a service that would allow me and my members (and you if you join me) to make a very steady extra income by Trading Betfair.

I am not going to make you a millionaire but I would offer you a Betfair Trading Service that will make you money every single week. Yes, that’s right!! Every single day you will trade the betfair market like a professional and thus you will walk away with an extra income using my service.

I know you have heard it all before, I have too. So, just to help you build your confidence about my service I am offering a 2 days FREE TRIAL for my trading service which you can get your hands on by CLICKING HERE.

I have taken the hard work out of the Betfair Trading for you as I will be doing all the hard work and you will get the required information to make money (Trade on betfair) via SMS (text message) and E-mail every single day of the week.

Honestly, it cannot get any simpler than this.

Sign up for my free trial and see the magic happening and once you are satisfied with the results and I’m sure you will be, you can sign up for my monthly plan which is only £4.50 per month.






Winning Horse Racing Laying Tips

The best horse racing laying tip service for quality, simplicity and value!

Welcome to my laying tip service!

This is the exact same system that I use every single day to make a steady extra income from laying horses that will loose!

If you are not sure what Laying is then I suggest you to read about it here.

Yes, you heard that right. I am using my own system unlike so many other fake tipsters that claim that they use their own tips but the reality is far from it.

I am not going to hide behind a website. In fact the main reason I created this website/blog is to post a link to the updates of my own trading on a daily basis and to show my users/members that I am using the exact same system every single day (unless there are no selections).

My name is Rooz and I’m an honest trader that have been trading the Betfair market for many years now and over the years of trial and error I have finaly perfected this system that will allow me to select horses that will loose the race which will help me to generate a stream of steady extra income.

Now, if you think you gonna earn £100 per day using my service then you are wrong and I believe that you are in a wrong place!

However, using my system, you will receive 1 to 5 selections every single day and if you are like me then you should aim for making £5 per selection which would give you £5 to £25 per day.

Remember, we are trading and like anything else in trading there is always a risk that something could go wrong! However, I have never had a loosing day with my system. not even once.

Okay, enough of introductions… Lets get right to it….

As i mentioned before, you should expect to make £10 to £25 per day using my service.

First look at the proof of this service working below:

horse racing laying tip service

horse racing laying tip service


horse racing laying tip service

horse racing laying tip service

horse racing laying tip service

horse racing laying tip service


As you can see in the examples provided above, There were 8 selections in the period of 2 days and I aimed to make £5 per selection which gave me a total of £40 in 2 days.

Actually, there were 9 selections in 2 days but I forgot to take a screenshot of one of them so in reality, I did make £45 in 2 days.

That is exactly what you should be expecting as well. However, there are some days that we will have more selections which would allow us to make more money. The highest earning in a day so far has been £55.

Remember, using my laying tip service wont make you a millionaire but it will generate an icome for you that no other service can guarantee.


I am so confident about my service that I am willing to provide you with a full day of  tips (the exact same trades that i will be laying and will be provding to my paying members) FREE OF CHARGE to build your confidence about my service.

To get your free trial, click on the link bellow and fill in the form on the FREE TRIAL page and you should be scheduled for the next day laying tips.


How much does Horse Racing Laying Tips cost?

The cost of the service is only £4.50 per month. Yes, that is all you will be paying to receive the daily tip via SMS message and Email.

Once you signed up for my service, your details will be entered into my database of members and you will start receiving daily tips via SMS and emails ever single day. Please note that if you sign up after 2:30PM, your details will be scheduled for the next day.

Don’t give up on this opportunity. I will only allow 200 people to sign up to keep the liquidity of Betfair in our favour.


How does it work?

Once you’ve signed up for the service, you will start receiving Daily SMS and Emails with the selections for the day.

I will be making the selections based on my system and will send out the selections an hour to half an hour before the races start which means you will have plenty of time to just place your lay bet on the horses.

Simple as that.

All you need is a betfair account, an email and a mobile phone to receive the daily selections.

I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with my service.